Frequently Asked Questions

Read answers to the most commonly asked questions by university societies. Contact us if you have any further questions.

How does Kaampus work?

It’s simple. We have an ever-growing list of top graduate employers who want to share their employment opportunities with societies of all shapes and sizes, including yours.

If your society is selected by an employer, they will send you a sponsorship offer in return for sending out an email to your society mailing list.

You’ll be informed how much you’ll be paid and what the content of the email will be before you decide to approve or decline the offer.

How much do we get paid?

No two sponsorship offers are the same. It depends on the size of your society, the company and the opportunity they want to share.

The employer will tell you how much they are offering to pay you upfront.

Can we use Kaampus if we already have sponsorship?

Yes, using Kaampus is a good way to supplement any sponsorship you’ve already secured.

Don’t forget, Kaampus is about more than just funding. We provide societies with access to unique opportunities with graduate employers which they wouldn’t normally receive.

Read some of our success stories.

How much does it cost to the society?

Absolutely nothing. Kaampus will always be free for societies to use.

How much of our time will it take up?

Once your society is all signed up, you can just sit back and wait for employers to come to you with a sponsorship offer.

What type of companies does Kaampus work with?

We currently have over 200 employers who hire students and graduates across the UK and abroad and in various different industries and sectors who are looking to sponsor societies.

Previously societies have been sponsored by BMW, PwC and Linklaters.

Why do we need a Mailchimp account?

We ask you to use Mailchimp because this is how we automate the process of sending out sponsored emails and protect your members’ data.

Your Mailchimp account belongs to you, so neither us nor the employers we work with ever have access to your society members’ emails.

From a best practice point of view, even outside of using Kaampus, we would highly recommend using Mailchimp when sending out emails to your society. It’s free to use and is an efficient and safe way to store all of your members’ contact details.

If you haven’t got a Mailchimp account yet, you can set one up here.

How do we control what is shared with the society?

Nothing will ever be shared without your approval. All sponsorship offers will be sent directly to the Kaampus account holder for review, ready to be approved or declined.

How many offers can we expect to receive?

Employers offer sponsorship to societies throughout the academic year and even during the summer. There’s no limit to how many offers you can receive, but you only send as many as you choose to approve.