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Earn money for your society and connect your members with top graduate employers.


• Network with top graduate employers and get noticed by them
• Earn sponsorship money quickly and easily (It’s free to use)
• Find out about employment opportunities
• Decide who you work with

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Earn money for your society

We connect societies at universities across the UK with reputable graduate employers, who provide sponsorship in return for sharing their employment opportunities with your members.

And the best part is it’s completely free to use.

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Provide value for your society members

Over 200 graduate employers use Kaampus to provide societies with access to employment opportunities that would be perfect for their members.

This includes everything from internships and placements to graduate jobs and company networking events.

Whatever the opportunity is, you always have control over which companies you partner with and what is being sent to your society members.

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How It Works

Create your society profile

Create your society profile

Complete your society profile in a few minutes and upload your society members’ email addresses.

Connect to your pay pal account – so we can transfer sponsorship payments easily and quickly.

Connect to your pay pal account – so we can transfer sponsorship payments easily and quickly.

Now you’re all set up and ready to start receiving sponsorship offers!

Your profile is now complete

Your profile is now complete

You’ll be visible to graduate employers who are looking to connect with students.

We’ll send you offers

We’ll send you offers

We’ll get in touch when graduate employers want to partner with you. You’ll receive an email that tells you:
1. What the opportunity is
2. What will be needed from you and your society members
3. How much your society will earn

It will be up to you whether you accept the offer.

Your work here is done

Your work here is done

Once you’ve accepted, we’ll do the rest and will share the offer with your society members.

Get paid

Get paid

Get paid once you’ve approved an offer and an opportunity has been shared with your society members.

“A quick and simple way for our society to raise additional, passive funds whilst providing our members with excellent graduate opportunities and adding value to our society.”

King's Business Club

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